To become a member of the Austrian Physical Society, you can register using the following form. Upon validation of your data, you will receive further information via e-mail.

If you are already a member and want to update your personal data, please sign in via this link instead:

The current membership fees were set by the members' assemblies in the years 2009, 2011 and 2017 as follows: Honorary and supporting members are excempt.

Membership fees - regular members

Category Annual fee
  A   fully employed EUR 50,00
C partially employed or retired EUR 25,00
E student EUR 10,00
V persons above 80 EUR   0,00


In case of a parallel membership in one of the following societies, the fees are reduced by 20%:

  EPS   European Physical Society
DPG German Physical Society
SPG Swiss Physical Society


When signing up between July 1st and September 30th, the annual fee is reduced to 50% for the first year. Admissions after October 1st are free for the first year. However, an active membership can only be confirmed, upon receiving a payment, members, who sign up after Oct. 1st can pre-pay the fee for the following year.

Membership fees - institutional members

The following fees apply for commercial or institutional members:

Category Annual fee
  G   profit-oriented EUR 130,00
I non-profit EUR  60,00


Purchase of "Physik-Journal"

  • Annual fee EUR 50,82
  • Single issue EUR 4,62

The additional annual fee for subscriptions to the Physik Journal will be charged with the annual membership fee. For new orders, the full annual fee will be charged, yet only actual issues will be deducted. A possibly resulting credit will be considered within the invoice of the following year.

Bank account

Österreichische Physikalische Gesellschaft

Bank: Bank Austria
IBAN: AT93 1100 0002 6331 9602

Bank transfers of membership fees from countries outside the Euro-zone must not include fees for the recipient!