Aims and Activities of the Austrian Physical Society (OePG)

The aim of the Society is to promote and disseminate physical sciences in research, development and education, to foster the communication between the Austrian physicists in all fields and to represent them in society. The Society is a non-profit organization and does not strive after financial profit. A potential positive balance is exclusively used for the purpose of the Society. No member of the Society may lay claim to the Society's assets.

The Austrian Physical Society is registered at Bundespolizeidirektion Wien, Büro für Vereins-, Versammlungs- und Medienrechtsangelegenheiten with the registration number 459787108.

In memoriam Prof. Karl Riedling

On July 2nd, 2020, the OEPG lost its long-time executive director. With his devotional way, he did not only manage the OEPG diligently but also form it in a sustainable manner.

Welios Science Center
Weliosplatz 1
4600 Wels

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