Studierenden-Preis der ÖPG

The ÖPG Students’ award is aimed at aspiring physicists and, in addition to award money, offers the opportunity to promote their own work and themselves. The award is granted for outstanding master's and diploma theses in the field of experimental or theoretical physics.

Target group

The target group is all university graduates who have completed their physics studies in the field of experimental or theoretical physics no more than a year pre.

Award amount

The Students’ award is endowed with 1,500 Euros from the funds of the ÖPG and can be shared between several award winners.


  • The master's or diploma thesis to be awarded must have been submitted to an Austrian university;
  • The thesis must be completed no more than 13 months pre, meaning within the period from March 31, 2023 to March 31, 2024;
  • In the interests of promoting young talent, award winners should not be older than 35;
  • Applications for an award for a master's or diploma thesis can be submitted by any ÖPG member who has completed a university degree and by the students themselves;
  • Theses can only be submitted once, repeated submissions in subsequent years will not be considered.


  • Pre-selection by the ÖPG Young Minds Board, of a maximum of 6 applications for the second round - by the end of April 2024;
  • In the second round selected candidates are invited to submit videos (3-5 minutes) in which they present their work - by the end of May 2024;
  • Three best candidates are chosen taking into account submitted videos by the ÖPG Young Minds - around June 2024;
  • The three nominations and the reasons for them are then submitted to the extended board of the ÖPG. Taking all comments into account, the Board of the ÖPG Young Minds awards the prize - probably in June 2024;
  • Announcement of the award decision and information to the applicants expected in July 2024.

Application information

The thesis must be submitted to the ÖPG Young Minds as a pdf document, stating the ÖPG membership number and the date of graduation:

For files over 15 MB, a download link should be used instead. The application deadline is March 31, 2024 (23:59, Central European Time).

Award sponsor

The Austrian Physical Society.

Additional information

The award was established by resolution of the Board Meeting of the Austrian Physical Society on January 20, 2012.