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Awards Granted by the OePG and its Divisions (partly in German only)

The Austrian Physical Society and some of its divisions issue the following awards:

Physics Awards of the OePG:

Ludwig Boltzmann Award and Fritz Kohlrausch Award, respectively:
These prizes are alternatingly awarded annualy to young physicists for work in theoretical and experimental physics, respectively.

Roman Ulrich Sexl Award:
Award for outstanding achievements in teaching; awarded in close cooperation with the division "Physics and School".

Students' Award of the OePG:
Award for outstanding master and diploma theses in the areas of theoretical and experimental physics; awarded in close cooperation with the working group "Young Minds".

Awards of the Division "Physics and School":

Awards for "pre-scientific work" ("Vorwissenschaftliche Arbeiten")  in the area of physics.

Award of the Division "Nuclear and Particle Physics":

Victor Franz Hess Award:
Annual award for outstanding doctor's theses in the area of nuclear and particle physics.

Award of the Division "Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films":

Max Auwärter Award:
Award for "outstanding achievements in physics of surfaces and interfaces".


During the submission period, you can find calls for the above awards on page  "News and Announcements" - "Announcements of Awards".

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