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University of Graz: University ASsistant without doctorate  (Created: 2021-05-14)

30 hours a week, fixed-term employment for the period of 4 years, position to be filled as of now


  • Development of advanced experimental spectroscopy (linear, nonlinear, Raman) and manipulation schemes at the single nano/micro-particle level based on structured light
  • Experimental and numerical study of nanoscale light-matter interactions
  • Participation in research tasks in the field of Optics of Nano and Quantum Materials (Banzer group)
  • Familiarization with project related scientific topics and literature
  • Contributing to the composition and editing of scientific manuscripts
  • Contributions to scientific workshops and international conferences
  • Independent research activities in the field of Optics of Nano and Quantum Materials
  • Writing a doctoral thesis
  • Co-supervision of students
  • Participation in teaching and examination studies
  • Independent execution of courses and exams
  • Participation in organisational and administrative tasks and evaluation measures

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