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Dissertanten-Stellen auf dem Gebiet "Nano-Analytics of Cellular Systems (NanoCell)" an der JKU Linz  (Created: 2018-04-04)

From molecular dynamics, recognition and organization to membrane transport and motility

A highly interdisciplinary graduate college funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), titled Nano-Analytics of Cellular Systems (NanoCell), has the major goal to train next generation multidisciplinary graduates for frontier research in life science and cellular nano-research. The major scientific aim is to span the gap between the processes of expression, structural arrangements, and molecular recognition on one side, and membrane transport, cell motility, and differentiation on the other side. The educational and research program integrates numerous fields encompassing biophysics, cell biology, nanotechnology, soft matter physics, molecular and structural biology, genetics, bio-organic and inorganic chemistry, theoretical and applied physics, mathematical modelling, and scientific computing. Participating institutions are: Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU), Institute of Science and Technology (IST), and Vienna University of Technology (TUW). Selected PhD students will be employed for at least 3 years with a contract that includes social benefits. They will be encouraged to spend one semester abroad joining other collaborating laboratories. All selection procedures, training activities, and communication will be in English.

For further information and application form see

Closing date for all completed applications is May 2, 2018.

Envisioned starting date of the post is September 2018.

Coordinator: Prof. Peter Hinterdorfer (JKU)

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