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PhD Position at Graz University of Technology  (Created: 2016-02-17)

At the Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics of the Graz University of Technology,

1 PhD position for four years (Universitätsassistent/Universitätsassistentin
ohne Doktorat) starting around 1st May 2016.

is open.

Terms of Admission: Candidates must have a university degree equivalent with a master degree to be able to start a doctorate.

Required Qualification: Experiences in theoretical physics and in particular in the field of transport in strongly correlated quantum many-body systems and in programming (C + +, Fortran, Matlab). The main focus will be in the field of ab-initio treatment of non-equilibrium properties of quantum mechanical many-body systems. It is strongly required that a doctoral dissertation shall be accomplished during the employment. Moreover, the candidate will be participate in the teaching duties of the Institute for Theoretical Computational Physics.

Please refer to the advertisement for details.

Closing date of applications: March 9th, 2016

Applications together with a Curriculum Vitae including a list of publications as well as names, telephone numbers and email-addresses of potential referees should be sent to the dean of the Faculty of Technical Mathematics and Technical Physics,

O.Univ.-Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Ernst,
Petersgasse 16, A-8010, Graz

Per email to
Subject: 5150/16/002.

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