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Research Group "Experimentalphysik, Univ. Innsbruck"
(Univ.Prof. Dr. Rudolf Grimm)

Head of the research group:
Last name:Grimm
First name(s):Rudolf
Title (leading):Univ.Prof. Dr.
Institution:University of Innsbruck
Organizational unit:Institut für Experimentalphysik, and Institut für Quantenoptik and Quanteninformation (IQOQI), ÖAW
Street address:Technikerstrasse 25
Postal code:6020
Assignments to Research Areas:
Research area(s):
  • Quantum Optics and Atomic Physics
Assignments to Fields of Work According to the Austrian System of Science Areas:
Field(s) of work:
  • Quantum mechanics (103025)
Data Acquisition:
Date of the data acquisition:27.05.2011
Data acquisition period:from: 2005   up to including: 2009
Research Group at the Time of the Data Acquisition:
Scientific group members:
19 Persons
Dr. Francesca Ferlaino
Dr. Florian Schreck
Dipl.Phys. Martin Berninger
Stefan Besler
Mag. Albert Frisch
MSc Bo Huang
Mag. Gerhard Hendl
Dipl.Phys. Michael Jag
Dipl.Phys. Christoph Kohstall
Mark Parigger
Alexander Rietzler
MSc. Edmundo Sanchez-Guajardo
Johannes Schindler
Leonid Sidorenkov
Dipl.Phys. Simon Stellmer
Mag.Andreras Trenkwalder
Dr. Meng Khoon Tey
Dr. Matteo Zaccanti
Dr. Alessandro Zenesini
Percentage project-funded:60
Scientific Output in the Above Data Acquisition Period:
H-index of the group head:36
Number of publications:37
Five most important publications:
  1. Kraemer et al., Evidence for Efimov Quantum States, Nature 440, 315 (2006)
  2. Winkler et al., Repulsively bound atom pairs in an optical lattice, Nature 441, 853 (2006)
  3. Lang et al., Ultracold triplet molecules in the rovibrational ground state, Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 133005 (2008)
  4. Precision measurments of collective oscillations in the BEC-BCS crossover, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 040401 (2007)
  5. Chin et al., Feshbach resonances in ultracold gases, Rev. Mod. Phys. 82, 1225 (2010)
  • Rudolf Grimm: Österreicher des Jahres im Bereich Forschung, Die Presse, 2005
  • Rudolf Grimm: Wittgenstein-Preis, 2005
  • Rudolf Grimm: Beller Lectureship Award, American Physical Society, 2007
  • Rudolf Grimm: Fellow of the American Physical Society, 2007
  • Rudolf Grimm: Wissenschaftspreis des Landes Tirol, 2008
  • Rudolf Grimm: Frew Fellowship, Australian Academy of Science, 2009
  • Rudolf Grimm: Wissenschafter des Jahres, 2010
  • Florian Schreck: Förderpreis des Landes Tirol für Wissenschaft, 2008
  • Francesca Ferlaino, Steven Knoop, Martin Berninger: Preis der Landeshauptstadt Innsbruck, 2010
  • Francesca Ferlaino: Fritz-Kohlrausch- Preis der ÖPG, 2010
  • Francesca Ferlaino: START-Preis 2009
  • Florian Schreck: START-Preis 2010
Projects and Funding Granted in the Above Data Acquisition Period:
University funds:
  • Infrastrukturmittel:
    Programme I-III (bis 2007), Programm IV (bis 2009)
Competitive projects:
  • EU - FP5:
    Field-atom surface training network (FASTNET)
    Laufzeit: 2002 - 2007
  • EU - FP5:
    Cold Molecules: Formation, Trapping and Dynamics
    Laufzeit: 2002 - 2007
  • FWF SFB - Control and Measurement of Coherent Quantum Systems:
    Ultracold Fermions, Superfluidity and Coherence in the BEC-BCS crossover
    Laufzeit: 2005 - 2008
  • FWF SFB - Control and Measurement of Coherent Quantum Systems:
    Optical Bose-Einstein condensation: Molecules, Mixtures ...
    Laufzeit: 2005 - 2008
  • FWF SFB:
    Optical Traps - New Technologies and Applications
    Laufzeit: 2002 - 2004
  • FWF:
    Interactions in an Ultracold Mixture of Rb and Cs Atoms
    Grimm / Ferlaino (Lise Meitner Program)
    Laufzeit: 2007 - 2009
  • ESF-FWF:
    EuroQUAM: Fermionic mixtures of ultracold atoms
    Laufzeit: 2007 - 2010 (EUROCORES)
  • EU - FP7:
    Efimov Trimers of Ultracold Cesium in Optical Lattices
    (Marie Curie Fellowship - A. Zenesini)
    Laufzeit: 2010 - 2012
  • FWF:
    Untersuchung universeller Mehrteilchenphysik mit ultrakalten Cs-Atomen (FWF Einzelprojekt)
    Laufzeit: 2011 - 2013
  • EU - FP7:
    Ultracold Molecules: Dimers and Beyond
    (Marie Curie Fellowship - S. Knoop)
    Laufzeit: 2006 - 2008
  • EU - FP7:
    Degenerate Fermi Gases in a Box Potential
    (Marie Curie Fellowship - M. Wright)
    Laufzeit: 2007 - 2008
Funded awards:
  • Wittgenstein:
    Atomare und molekulare Quantengase
    Rudolf Grimm
    Laufzeit: 2005 - 2010
  • START:
    Ultracold Erbium: Exploring Exotic Quantum Gases
    Francesca Ferlaino
    Laufzeit: 2009 - 2015
  • START:
    Quantum Degenerate Strontium
    Florian Schreck
    Laufzeit: 2010 - 2016
  • ERC Grant:
    Ultracold Erbium: Exploring Exotic Quantum Gases
    Francesca Ferlaino
    Laufzeit: 2011 - 2015
Research Topics:
Current research topics:
  • Ultrakalte molekulare Quantengase
  • Stark wechselwirkende Vielteilchensysteme mit bosonischen und fermionischen Quantengasen
Future topics (next 5 years):
  • Quantensimulationen von Vielteilchensystemen
  • Dipolare Quantengase
  • Verallgemeinerte Efimov-Zustände (few-body physics)
Teaching and Research Mobility in the Above Data Acquisition Period:
Doctor's theses:
13 doctor's theses
  1. Markus Bartenstein: From Molecules to Cooper Pairs: Experiments in the BEC-BCS Crossover, Univ. Innsbruck, 2005
  2. Jens Herbig: Quantum-Degenerate Cesium: Atoms and Molecules, Univ. Innsbruck, 2005
  3. Matthias Theis: Optical Feshbach Resonance in a Bose-Einstein Condensate, Univ. Innsbruck, 2005
  4. Bastian Engeser: A novel surface trapping apparatus for ultracold cesium atoms and the investigation of an Efimov resonance, Univ. Innsbruck, 2006
  5. Tobias Kraemer: Few-Body Interactions in an Ultracold Gas of Cesium Atoms , Univ. Innsbruck, 2006
  6. Gregor Thalhammer: Ultrakalte gepaarte Atome in kohärenten Lichtfeldern, Univ. Innsbruck, 2007
  7. Alexander Altmeyer: Collective oscillations of an ultracold quantum gas in the BEC-BCS crossover regime, Univ. Innsbruck, 2007
  8. Klaus Winkler: Ultracold Molecules and Atom Pairs in Optical Lattice Potentials, Univ. Innsbruck, 2007
  9. Michael Mark: Exploring ultracold trapped cesium Feshbach molecules, Univ. Innsbruck, 2008
  10. Karl Pilch: Optical trapping and Feshbach spectroscopy of an ultracold Rb-Cs mixture, Univ. Innsbruck, 2009
  11. Eric Wille: Preparation of an Optically Trapped Fermi-Fermi Mixture of Li6 and K40 Atoms and Characterization of the Interspecies Interactions by Feshbach Spectroscopy, Univ. Innsbruck, 2009
  12. Stefan Riedl: Experimental investigation of the dynamics in a strongly interacting Fermi gas: Collective modes and rotational properties, Univ. Innsbruck, 2009
  13. Florian Lang: Coherent transfer of Ultracold Molecules: From weakly to deeply bound, Univ. Innsbruck, 2009
Diploma and master theses:
12 theses
  1. Karl Pilch, Univ. Innsbruck, 2005
  2. Ina B. Kinski, External, 2005
  3. Michael Hellwig, Univ. Innsbruck, 2005
  4. Stefan Schmid, Univ. Innsbruck, 2006
  5. Johann Georg Danzl, Univ. Insbruck, 2007
  6. Chrisoph Kohstall, Univ. Innsbruck, 2007
  7. Andreas Trenkwalder, Univ. Innsbruck, 2007
  8. Harald Schöbel, Univ. Innsbruck, 2007
  9. Christian Neustetter, Univ. Innsbruck, 2007
  10. Andrea Prantner, Univ. Innsbruck, 2008
  11. Albert Frisch, Univ. Innsbruck, 2009
  12. Bo Huang, Master thesis, Univ. Innsbruck, 2009
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