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Research Group "Theoretische Physik, Univ. Innsbruck"
(Ao.Univ.Prof. Helmut Ritsch)

Head of the research group:
Last name:Ritsch
First name(s):Helmut
Title (leading):Ao.Univ.Prof.
Institution:University of Innsbruck
Organizational unit:Theoretische Physik
Street address:Technikerstr. 25
Postal code:6020
Assignments to Research Areas:
Research area(s):
  • Quantum Optics and Atomic Physics
  • Theoretical Physics
Assignments to Fields of Work According to the Austrian System of Science Areas:
Field(s) of work:
  • Laser physics (103016)
  • Quantum mechanics (103025)
  • Quantum optics (103026)
Data Acquisition:
Date of the data acquisition:19.05.2011
Data acquisition period:from: 2005   up to including: 2009
Research Group at the Time of the Data Acquisition:
Scientific group members:
10 Persons
Genes Claudiu
Mekhov Igor
Vukics Andras
Zoubi Hashem
Griesser Tobias
Henschel Kathrin
Niedenzu Wolfgang
Sonnleitner Matthias
Krämer Sebastian
Rieser Patrick
Scientific Output in the Above Data Acquisition Period:
H-index of the group head:30
Number of publications:51
Five most important publications:
  1. I. B. Mekhov, H. Ritsch, QND measurements and state preparation in quantum gases by light detection, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 020403 (2009)
  2. J. Verdú, H. Zoubi, C. Koller, J. Majer, H. Ritsch, J. Schmiedmayer, Strong Magnetic Coupling of an Ultracold Gas to a Superconducting Waveguide Cavity, Physical Review Letters 103, 043603 (2009)
  3. J. G. Danzl, E. Haller, M. Gustavsson, M. J. Mark, R. Hart, N. Bouloufa, O. Dulieu, H. Ritsch, H.-C. Nägerl, Quantum Gas of Deeply Bound Ground State Molecules, Science 321, 1062-1066 (2008)
  4. J. K. Asboth, H. Ritsch, P. Domokos, Collective Excitations and Instability of an Optical Lattice due to Unbalanced Pumping, Physical Review Letters 98, 203008 (2007)
  5. I. B. Mekhov, C. Maschler, H. Ritsch, Probing quantum phases of ultracold atoms in optical lattices by transmission spectra in cavity QED, Nature Physics, 25 March 2007 (2007)
Five most important talks:
  1. H. Ritsch, Concurrent stimulated amplification of light and matter waves to build an atom-photon pair laser, 18th International Laser Physics Workshop LPHYS'09 (Barcelona, Spain, July, 13-17, 2009) (2009)
  2. H. Ritsch, Few Photon Nonlinear Optics using ultracold Particles in a Cavity, 8th European conference on non linear spectroscopy and 28th European CARS workshop (ECONOS 2009) (Rome, Italy, May, 25-27, 2009) (2009)
  3. H. Ritsch, Cavity cooling and self-organization of degenerate quantum gases, Cooling and Thermodynamics Workshop (Safed, Israel, August, 26-31, 2007) (2007)
  4. H. Ritsch, Engineering of quantum information: Cavity-QED aspects, International Conference on Coherent and Nonlinear Optics/International Conference on Lasers, Applications, and Technologies - ICONO/LAT 2005 (St. Petersburg, Russia, May, 11 - 15, 2005) (2005)
  5. H. Ritsch, Selfconsistent Collective Dynamics and Stability of an Optically Bound Chain, Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS 2008) (Hangzhou, China, March, 24 - 28, 2008) (2008)
Projects and Funding Granted in the Above Data Acquisition Period:
Competitive projects:
  • FWF:
    Quantum thermodynamics of cavity cooling
    Laufzeit: 01.09.2010 - 31.08.2011
  • FWF:
    Cavity-mediated molecular cooling
    Laufzeit: 01.07.2007 - 31.12.2010
  • FWF:
    Hohlraum QED mit ultrakalten Quantengasen
    Laufzeit: 01.05.2008 - 30.04.2011
  • FWF:
    Cavity QED with Ultracold Quantum Gases
    Laufzeit: 01.01.2009 - 31.12.2012
  • FWF:
    CavityQED with excitons of organic molecules and cold gases
    Laufzeit: 01.12.2006 - 30.11.2008
  • FWF:
    Light forces and Interactions of Atoms in High-Q cavities
    Laufzeit: 01.09.1999 - 28.02.2008
  • FWF:
    Selbstorganisation, Superradianz und Kühlen in Resonatoren
    Laufzeit: 01.05.2005 - 01.05.2008
  • EU - FP7:
    Circuit and Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics
    Laufzeit: 01.10.2010 - 02.10.2010
Research Topics:
Current research topics:
  • Quantenoptik
  • Quanteninformation
  • Lasertheorie
  • Mechanische Lichteffekte
Future topics (next 5 years):
  • Hybride Quantensysteme
  • Quanten Thermodynamik
Teaching and Research Mobility in the Above Data Acquisition Period:
Doctor's theses:
3 doctor's theses
  1. Asboth Janos: Interaction between Optically Trapped Particles due to Optomechanical Coupling, 2008
  2. Maschler Christoph: Ultracold Atoms in Resonator-Generated Optical Lattices, 2007
  3. Salzburger Thomas: Dynamics of Ultracold Atoms in Active Cavities, 2008
Diploma and master theses:
3 theses
  1. Niedenzu Wolfgang: Nonlinear Dynamics of Ultracold Atoms in a Quantized Lattice Potential, 2008
  2. Griesser Tobias: Vlasov Approach to atomic motion in optical ring resonators, 2008
  3. Schulze Rainer: Cold Atoms in a Ring Cavity generated optical lattice
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