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Research Group "HEPHY - Fachbereich Elektronik und Werkstatt"
(Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Markus Friedl)

Head of the research group:
Last name:Friedl
First name(s):Markus
Title (leading):Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Institution:Austrian Academy of Sciences
Organizational unit:Institut für Hochenergiephysik (HEPHY)
Street address:Nikolsdorfer Gasse 18
Postal code:1050
Assignments to Research Areas:
Research area(s):
  • High Energy Physics
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics
Assignments to Fields of Work According to the Austrian System of Science Areas:
Field(s) of work:
  • High energy physics (103012)
Data Acquisition:
Date of the data acquisition:31.05.2012
Data acquisition period:from: 2007   up to including: 2011
Research Group at the Time of the Data Acquisition:
Scientific group members:
6 Persons
Annekathrin Frankenberger
Markus Friedl
Immanuel Gfall
Christian Irmler
Babak Rahbaran
Dusko Smiljic
Full-time equivalents:4.35
Scientific Output in the Above Data Acquisition Period:
H-index of the group head:35
Number of publications:26
Five most important publications:
  1. B. Rahbaran et al., "MicroTCA-based Global Trigger Upgrade project for the CMS experiment at LHC", JINST 6 (2011) C12054.
  2. T. Bergauer, M. Friedl, I. Gfall, C. Irmler, M. Valentan, "The Silicon Vertex Detector of the Belle II Experiment",
    Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A Vol. 628, Iss. 1, 2011, 103-106.
  3. Z. Dolezal, S. Uno (editors), "Belle II Technical Design Report", KEK Report 2010-1, October 2010.
  4. M. Pernicka et al., "The CMS Pixel FED",
    in: Proceedings of the "Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics" TWEPP-07 (2007) 487-491.
  5. M. Jeitler et al., "The Level-1 Global Trigger for the CMS experiment", JINST 2 (2007) P01006.
  • Pernicka, Manfred, CMS Award for outstanding contribution to the CMS Tracker readout electronics, 2010
Five most important talks:
  1. M. Friedl, "The Silicon Vertex Detector of the Belle II Experiment",
    Vienna Conference on Instrumentation, Vienna, Austria (Feb 17, 2010).
  2. M. Friedl, "The Silicon Vertex Detector upgrade for Belle II", RIKEN @ Wako-shi, Saitama, Japan (Jul 10, 2009).
  3. M. Friedl, "Nanosecond Time Resolution for the Belle II Silicon Vertex Detector",
    7th International Meeting on Front-End Electronics, Montauk, USA (May 19, 2009).
  4. M. Friedl, "Upgrade of the Belle Silicon Vertex Detector", The 1st international conference on Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics (TIPP09) (Mar 13, 2009).
  5. A. Taurok, "Level-1 Global Trigger for SLHC",
    CMS SLHC Trigger Workshop, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France (Apr 10, 2008).
Projects and Funding Granted in the Above Data Acquisition Period:
Commissioned projects:
  • Elektronik-Komponenten für verschiedene Auftraggeber (v.a. aus Japan)
Research Topics:
Current research topics:
  • Auslese-Elektronik für CMS-Tracker (Pixel - Front End Driver) und Belle II
  • Mechanik & Cooling für Belle II Silizium-Detektor
  • Trigger-Elektronik für CMS
Future topics (next 5 years):
  • Entwicklung und Bau des gesamten Belle II Silizium-Detektors (223744 Kanäle) samt Auslese-Elektronik
  • Upgrades für CMS-Pixel-Auslese sowie CMS-Trigger
Teaching and Research Mobility in the Above Data Acquisition Period:
Diploma and master theses:
1 thesis
  1. Christian Irmler: "Upgrade Studies for the Belle Silicon Vertex Detector",
    Vienna University of Technology (Aug 19, 2008)
International networking:
  • Belle II Silicon Vertex Detector: Mechanics, Cooling, Electronics (collaboration with 9 institutes)
  • CMS Tracker: Readout Boards for the Pixel Detector ("Pixel-FED"; collaboration with 2 institutes)
  • CMS Tracker: Beam Monitoring Electronics (collaboration with 6 institutes)
  • CMS Trigger: Global Trigger, Global Muon Trigger, Central Trigger Control (collaboration with 9 institutes)
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