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Research Group "Photonik, TU Wien"
(Univ.Prof. Dr. Karl Unterrainer)

Head of the research group:
Last name:Unterrainer
First name(s):Karl
Title (leading):Univ.Prof. Dr.
Institution:Vienna University of Technology
Organizational unit:Institut für Photonik
Street address:Gusshausstraße 27-29/387
Postal code:1040
Assignments to Research Areas:
Research area(s):
  • Photonics
  • Solid State Physics
Assignments to Fields of Work According to the Austrian System of Science Areas:
Field(s) of work:
  • Nanotechnology (210006)
  • Optics (103021)
  • Physical electronics (1214)
  • Solid state physics (103009)
Data Acquisition:
Date of the data acquisition:31.05.2011
Data acquisition period:from: 2005   up to including: 2009
Research Group at the Time of the Data Acquisition:
Scientific group members:
14 Persons
Dr. Juraj Darmo
Dr. Thomas Müller
Dr. Alexander Benz
Dr. Wolfgang Parz
Dr. Gernot Fasching
D.I. Michael Martl
D.I. Thomas Gebhard
D.I. Thomas Moldaschl
Deborah Alvarenga, Msc
Dipl. Phys. Daniel Dietze
Dipl. Phys. Alexander Urich
D.I. Christoph Deutsch
D.I. Martin Brandstetter
D.I. Michael Krall
Percentage project-funded:75
Scientific Output in the Above Data Acquisition Period:
H-index of the group head:28
Number of publications:50
Five most important publications:
  1. T. Moldaschl, W. Parz, T. Müller, S. Golka, G. Strasser and K. Unterrainer, "Two-photon spectral hole burning spectroscopy of InAs/GaAs quantum dots", Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 011903 (2010)
  2. G. Fasching, Ch. Deutsch, A. Benz, A. M. Andrews, P. Klang, R. Zobl, W. Schrenk, G. Strasser, P. Ragulis, V. Tamosi?nas, K. Unterrainer, "Electrically controllable photonic molecule laser", Optics Express, Vol. 17, 20321-20326 (2009)
  3. A. Benz, Ch. Deutsch, G. Fasching, K. Unterrainer, A. M. Andrews, P. Klang, W. Schrenk, and G. Strasser, Active photonic crystal terahertz laser, Optics Express, Vol. 17, Issue 2, pp. 941-946, 2009
  4. W. Parz, T. Müller, J. Darmo, M. Austerer, G. Strasser, L.R. Wilson, J.W. Cockburn, A.B. Krysa, J.S. Roberts, K. Unterrainer, "Ultrafast probing of light-matter interaction in a mid-infrared quantum cascade laser", Applied Physics Letters, 93, 091105, (2008)
  5. J. Kröll, J. Darmo, Sukdeep S. Dhillon, X.Marcadet, M. Calligaro, C. Sirtori, K. Unterrainer, "Phase-resolved measurements of stimulated emission in a laser", Nature, 449, 698 (2007).
  • A. Benz, Resselpreis der TU-Wien 2010
  • T. Müller, Fritz-Kohlrausch-Preis der ÖPG 2010
  • T. Müller, ACINA-Preis des BMWF 2010
  • G. Fasching, Loschmidt Preis, Chem.Phys. Ges. 2008
Five most important talks:
  1. M. Martl, D. Dietze, W. Parz, Ch. Deutsch, A. Benz, J. Darmo, T. Müller, G. Fasching, A.M. Fasching, A.M. Andrews, G. Strasser, K. Unterrainer, "Phase-resolved THz spectroscopy", International Confercence on Coherent and Nonlinear Optics ICONO/LAT 2010, Kazan, Russia, 23.-26. 8. 2010.
  2. J. Darmo, G. Fasching, A. Benz, W. Parz, M. Martl, D. Dietze, A.M. Andrews, G. Strasser, K. Unterrainer, S. Barbieri, C. Sirtori, "Terahertz Quantum-Cascade Lasers: Phase Resolved Dynamics and Microcavity Effects", Photonics West 2009, San Jose, USA, 26.-30. Jan. 2009
  3. J. Darmo, J. Kröll, M. Martl, D. Dietze, W. Parz, S. Barbieri, C. Sirtori, K. Unterrainer, "Phase-resolved study of lasing in THz quantum cascade lasers", Plenary talk, European Optical Society Annual Meeting 2008, Paris, 29.Sept.-2.Oct. 2008.
  4. A. Benz, G. Fasching, C. Deutsch, A. M. Andrews, K. Unterrainer, P. Klang, W. Schrenk, G. Strasser: "Tunable photonic crystal mode quantum cascade lasers"; 29th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (ICPS 2008), Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien, 27.07.2008 - 01.08.2008.
  5. T. Müller, F. Schrey, G. Fasching, J. Darmo, J. Kröll, W. Parz, K. Unterrainer, M. Andrews, T. Roch, W. Schrenk, G. Strasser, "Generation and Application of THz Radiation in Semiconductor Nanostructures", E-MRS Spring Meeting, Nice,France, 29.5.- 2.6.2006,
Projects and Funding Granted in the Above Data Acquisition Period:
Competitive projects:
  • FWF SFB F1604:
    SFB ADLIS - THz spectroscopy of nanostructures
    2000 - 2010
  • FWF SFB F2511:
    SFB IR-ON InfraRed Response of nanostructures
    2005 - 2012
  • FFG 815826:
    PLATON THz Photonics: Advanced Technologies for Optical Nanostructures
    2008 - 2011
  • EU MRTN-CT-2004-512450:
    Physics Of Intersubband Semiconductor Emitters
    2004 - 2010
  • WWTF MA09-030:
    Light Coupling to light: nonlinear interactions in semiconductor microlasers
    2010 - 2014
  • EU NMP4-CT-2004-500101:
    SANDIE - Self-Assembled Semiconductor Nanostructures for New Devices in Photonics and Electronics
    2004 - 2010
  • EU FP6-2003-IST-2: 511415:
    TERANOVA Novel Terahertz Sensing and Imaging Systems for Biotechnology, Healthcare & Security
    2004 - 2010
Commissioned projects:
  • Rhode&Schwarz
Research Topics:
Current research topics:
  • THz-Science
  • THz Generation and Spectroscopy
  • Few-Cycle THz
  • Nano-Photonics
  • THz Quantum Cascade Lasers
  • Quantum Dots
  • Coherent Control
Future topics (next 5 years):
  • THz coherent control of nanostructrures
  • THz circuits
  • THz emission from nanostructures
Teaching and Research Mobility in the Above Data Acquisition Period:
Doctor's theses:
5 doctor's theses
  1. Alexander Benz, 2010
  2. Wolfgang Parz, 2009
  3. Gernot Fasching, 2007
  4. Frederik Schrey, 2006
  5. Josef Kröll, 2007
Diploma and master theses:
7 theses
  1. Govinda Lilley, 2010
  2. Martin Brandstetter, 2010
  3. Christoph Deutsch, 2009
  4. Alexander Grün, 2008
  5. Alexander Benz, 2006
  6. Thomas Moldaschl, 2006
  7. Thomas Prikoszovits, 2007
International networking:
  • G. Fasching (outgoing), Schrödinger Fellowship 2008-2010, UCSB, USA
  • T. Müller (outgoing), Schrödinger Fellowship 2007-2009 IBM Yorktown Heights, USA
  • D. Alvarenga, Brasil PhD Fellowship, 2008-2009, Brasil
  • He Liang, PhD, PostDoctoral Fellowship, 2008, China
  • Damien Kelly, PhD, PostDoctoral Fellow, 2008, Ireland
  • Vincas Tamosiunas, PhD, PostDoctoral Fellow, 2006, Lithuania
  • Prof. James Heyman, Gastprofessor, 2008, USA
  • Prof. Patricia Lustoza de Souza, 2005-2010, Brazil
  • Prof. Gerald Bastard, Gastprofessor, 2005-2010, France
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