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Stelle eines Universitätsassistenten / einer Universitätsassistentin an der TU Graz

Am Institut für Angewandte Informationsverarbeitung & Kommunikationstechnologie (IAIK) der Technischen Universität Graz ist voraussichtlich ab 1.06.2018 eine Stelle eines Universitätsassistenten / einer Universitätsassistentin für 4 Jahre, vollbeschäftigt (40 Stunden pro Woche), zu besetzen.

Von den Bewerbern/Bewerberinnen wird erwartet:

  1. Aufnahmebedingungen: Abgeschlossenes einschlägiges Universitätsstudium (Informatik, Information and Computer Engineering, Softwareentwicklung-Wirtschaft und Mathematik).
  2. Gewünschte Qualifikationen: Gute Englischkenntnisse. Die Fähigkeit, im internationalen Umfeld zu arbeiten, IT-Sicherheit, mit besonderem Schwerpunkt auf die Bereiche Power Analysis, Fault Attacks sowie Schutzmaßnahmen gegen diese Angriffe.

Bewerbung, Lebenslauf und weitere Unterlagen sind bis 09. Mai 2018 unter genauer Bezeichnung der Stelle bzw. der Kennzahl 7050/18/008 an die Technische Universität Graz, Dekan der Fakultät für Informatik und Biomedizinische Technik, Univ.-Prof. Roderick Bloem, Ph.D, Inffeldgasse 10/II, A-8010 Graz ( zu richten.

Ende der Bewerbungsfrist: 09.05.2018
Kennzahl: 7050/18/008


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Position of a doctoral student or postdoc at the Vienna University

PhD and Postdoc positions available!

Richard Feynman once asked physicists to build better microscopes to be able to watch biology at work. We are working at the interface of microscopy, quantum physics and electron optics to develop new imaging techniques.

We are currently hiring talented and highly motivated master students, PhD students, and postdocs to work on one of the following experiments:

  • Cavity enhanced optical microscopy for live cell imaging
  • Electron multi-pass microscopy in collaboration with Stanford University (Kasevich lab) and the Quantum Electron Microscopy collaboration
  • Wave-front shaping techniques for both optical and electron microscopy

You like to:

Ask questions. Think. Answer questions. Take responsibility. Build.

You have a background in physics, optics, engineering, or biology. You are proficient in English and/or German.

What we offer:

  • Fully funded PhD (4yr) and postdoc positions
  • A cutting edge research program (ERC starting grant 2017)
  • International collaborations (Stanford University, ENS Paris, CQT Singapore,..)
  • Possibility to participate in a doctoral school (VDS, CoQuS, MFPL)
  • An interdisciplinary environment at the interface of physics and biology

Please send your application, including a CV, a letter of intent (~1 page), and a letter describing your own contribution to your favorite project (~1 page) to by 31 May 2018.

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Position of a doctoral student at the Vienna University

The Quantum Nanophysics Group at the University of Vienna, is headed by Prof. Markus Arndt and a leading team in macromolecular quantum optics as well as cavity optomechanics with free & levitated nanoparticles.

We are embedded into a vibrant quantum optics community, including the Vienna Doctoral Program of Physics (VDSP), the Vienna Doctoral School on Complex Quantum Systems (CoQuS) and the Erwin Schrödinger Center for Quantum Science and Technology (ESQ).

In this specific call we are searching for an outstanding doctoral candidate who wants to pursue experimental research in the field of

Cavity cooling and rotational optomechanics of dielectric nanorods.

This work will build on recent progress and publications in our lab, including the launching and control of silicon nanorods in optical fields. Aim of the experiments will be to cool the motion of these particles using active feedback and cavity cooling methods and eventually prepare them for quantum experiments. Further information can also be found on the group homepage:

If you

  • love your work as an experimentalist
  • are happy working with theorists on models for your experiments
  • have a solid training in optics & quantum optics
  • have the ambition to work on experimental challenges and far-reaching visions
  • have the technical skills, self-motivation and tenacity to realize them in the lab
  • like being part of a team

you are invited to apply for a position as a University Assistant (Predoc) with Markus Arndt.

A candidate will usually hold a relevant Master’s degree, already, or will be certain to complete it within 2 months after the application deadline. You may be also eligible if you hold an excellent Bachelor’s degree with honors (4 years of study). Please inquire.

This position includes a 4-year contract with a PhD salary and benefits following the national Austrian rules. The contract includes teaching as a mentor in exercises or lab courses, typically to the extent of 2 hours per week, 26 weeks of the year.

You must be fluent in English or German. If you do not speak German, yet, you will be eligible for intense German training.

The application deadline is 31 May 2018     

Please send all relevant documents, (CV, study records, list of talks and publications. possible distinctions), as one single merged PDF file to

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Group homepage

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Dissertanten-Stellen auf dem Gebiet "Nano-Analytics of Cellular Systems (NanoCell)" an der JKU Linz

From molecular dynamics, recognition and organization to membrane transport and motility

A highly interdisciplinary graduate college funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), titled Nano-Analytics of Cellular Systems (NanoCell), has the major goal to train next generation multidisciplinary graduates for frontier research in life science and cellular nano-research. The major scientific aim is to span the gap between the processes of expression, structural arrangements, and molecular recognition on one side, and membrane transport, cell motility, and differentiation on the other side. The educational and research program integrates numerous fields encompassing biophysics, cell biology, nanotechnology, soft matter physics, molecular and structural biology, genetics, bio-organic and inorganic chemistry, theoretical and applied physics, mathematical modelling, and scientific computing. Participating institutions are: Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU), Institute of Science and Technology (IST), and Vienna University of Technology (TUW). Selected PhD students will be employed for at least 3 years with a contract that includes social benefits. They will be encouraged to spend one semester abroad joining other collaborating laboratories. All selection procedures, training activities, and communication will be in English.

For further information and application form see

Closing date for all completed applications is May 2, 2018.

Envisioned starting date of the post is September 2018.

Coordinator: Prof. Peter Hinterdorfer (JKU)

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Stelle eines Universitätsassistenten / einer Universitätsassistentin mit Doktorat an der TU Graz

Am Institut für Angewandte Informationsverarbeitung &
Kommunikationstechnologie an der Technischen Universität Graz ist zu

1 Stelle eines Universitätsassistenten/einer Universitätsassistentin mit Doktorat für Prof.-Laufbahnstelle im Fachgebiet Cybersecurity

für 6 Jahre, 40 Stunden/Woche, voraussichtlich ab 1. September 2018.

Aufnahmebedingungen: Abgeschlossenes Doktoratsstudium oder gleichwertiges Studium in Informatik

Gewünschte Qualifikationen:

  • Forschungsschwerpunkt in einem Bereich der Cybersecurity, der zur bestehenden Forschung am Institut passt und diese stärkt
  • Exzellente wissenschaftliche Leistungen mit Publikationen bei internationalen Topkonferenzen/Topjournalen
  • Motivation, Erfahrung und didaktische Fähigkeiten in der Lehre in englischer Sprache
  • Erfahrung bei der Akquisition von Forschungsprojekten
  • Verankerung in der internationalen wissenschaftlichen Gemeinschaft

Die Aufgaben umfassen:

  • Forschung im Bereich Cybersecurity
  • Wissenschaftliche Publikationen in internationalen Topkonferenzen/Topjournalen
  • Akquisition und Management von Forschungsprojekten (EU, FFG, FWF, Firmenprojekte)
  • Betreuung studentischer Abschlussarbeiten
  • Eigenständige Lehre auf Bakkalaureats- und Master-Ebene
  • Mitwirkung in der universitären Selbstverwaltung

Bewerbungsfrist: 30.04.2018.

Kennzahl: 7050/18/006

Details entnehmen Sie bitte dem Ausschreibungstext.

Ausschreibungstext deutsch

Announcement English

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Open Postdoc Fellowships at the Erwin Schrödinger Centre for Quantum Science and Technology (ESQ)

The Erwin Schrödinger Center for Quantum Science and Technology ESQ is run by the Austrian Academy of Sciences in partnership with the University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Innsbruck, supported by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Research and cofounded by the European Commission.

In 2018 the ESQ calls for applications to fill 5 competitive two?year postdoc fellowships. The fellowship can be with any of the 27 ESQ research groups affiliated with the scientific institutions mentioned above. The ESQ research groups are working at the forefront of experimental and theoretical research, are focused on the foundations of quantum physics and quantum optics, are exploring emerging technologies around quantum computing, simulation, many?body physics, communication, sensing and metrology and are studying systems as diverse as photons, ultra?cold atoms and molecules, trapped ions, nanodiamonds, superconductors, clusters and biomolecules, levitated nanoparticles, nanomechanical devices and hybrid quantum systems (

The call will be open between 1 March to 30 April 2018.

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