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Registration of the Membership of an Organization

Thank you for your intention to join the Austrian Physical Society! Please fill in the form below, in particular, the compulsory fields marked with "(*)". Upon clicking the button "Save data", you will receive an automatically generated mail with a summary of your membership data; you will receive a notification within the next days when your membership has become active.

According to legal regulations (Verordnung des Bundeskanzlers über Standard- und Musteranwendungen nach dem Datenschutzgesetz 2000 (StMV 2004)) in their current version, we will use the data you supplied solely for purposes within the Austrian Physical Society. They will in no way be passed on to persons or organizations that are not legally entitled to receive them.

Enter membership data:
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Membership fee invoice information:  
You will receive in any case a statement of your membership fees due, and at the beginning of next year an acknowledgement of the payments you made to the OePG this year. Please select the option "Special invoice required" only if you need indeed to present an invoice in order to get your membership fee paid!  
Special invoice required:
(You request the creation of an invoice für the membership fee in addition to the membership fee statement with any option but "none".)
Order number:
(The contents of this field, if given, are shown in the invoice under the title "Bestellnummer" ("Order number").)
Invoice comment #1:  
Invoice comment #2:
(The contents of the two comment fields, if defined, are shown literally in the invoice in one paragraph each.)
Contact person:  
Name of the contact person (*):  
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(up to three numbers)
Mail (*):
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Website(of the organization):
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You may enter up to three phone numbers or addresses if you separate them with a comma, followed by at least one space.  
Journals and Mailings:  
Affiliation to Divisions and Working Groups of the OePG:  
Existing Memberships at Other Societies:  
Additional Information for the OePG Administration:  
Preferred language:
The language selected here will be used in the mail communication by the OePG if possible.
Fields marked with "(*)" are compulsory!  
Please enter in the field below the five digits ("Nine" => "9") or initials of the words ("Amsterdam" => "a") in upper- or lowercase characters without intervening spaces. This security function is designed to impede the automatic dispatching of mass mails.

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