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Membership Fees

The current membership fees of the OePG have been fixed as follows at the General Assemblies 2009, 2011 and 2017; honorary members and sponsors are free of charge:

Membership Fee - Regular Members

V Retired member, 80+ EUR 0.00
A employed full-time EUR 50.00
C employed part-time or retired EUR 25.00
E student EUR 10.00

Regular members who join the OePG during the first six months of the year are charged the full fees according to their categories. The membership fee for the first year is reduced to 50% for those members who join the OePG between July 1 and September 30. Memberships beginning at or after October 1 are free of charge for the first year. Since a confirmation of an active membership, i.e., that there is no open membership fee, can be issued only after payment of a membership fee, we invite those members whose membership is free of charge for the current year to pay in advance the membership fee presumably due for them in the next year. This advance payment is, of course, fully recognized in the next membership fee statement. (In fact, members who joined the OePG in year x pay therefore their membership fee for the year x+1 in year x; they will receive the notice at the beginning of year x+1 that their fee for that year already has been paid in full, which also constitutes a confirmation of an active membership in year x+1. Starting with year x+2, they will receive their fee statements regularly at the beginning of the year.)

Membership Fees - Extraordinary Members

G commercial EUR 130.00
I non-profit organization EUR 60.00

Subscription to "Physik Journal"

  subscription per year EUR 50.82
  single issue EUR 4.62

Subscribers of the Physik-Journal receive a statement for a full-year subscription together with their yearly membership fee statement. Members who newly subscribe to the Physik-Journal are charged a full year subscription minus the price of the issues already delivered during the current year. On principle, we charge only those issues of the journal that actually were delivered to the subscriber. A possible credit resulting from the fact that a subscriber received fewer issues than he or she paid for enters fully into the next membership fee statement.

Bank Account:

Oesterreichische Physikalische Gesellschaft

Account number: 00263 319 602
Bank: Bank Austria
Routing Code: 12000
IBAN: AT93 1100 0002 6331 9602

Money transfers of membership fees from outside the Euro zone have to be made free of charge for the recipient!

Payments with PayPal®

We have provided the possibility for members of the OePG who are located outside the Euro zone to transfer their payments using PayPal®. Money transfers from countries within the Euro zone should preferably be made by bank transfer, though.

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