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Hot Jupiters and their Magnetic Shield
Image © NASA/CXC/M. Weiss & IWF/M. Scherf
Hot Jupiters and their Magnetic Shield

"Hot Jupiters" are exoplanets similar to Jupiter that circle their central star on a close trajectory. Due to stellar x-ray and EUV radiation because of the close distance, the upper layers of the planet's atmosphere are heated and ionized. The ionized matter expands and is finally expelled as supersonic planetary wind. The planet's magnetic field plays a central role since it influences the mass loss and acts as a protective shield for the upper layers of the atmosphere. An international team of researchers from the Institute of Space Science of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and from the Institute of Laser Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences has explored the dynamics and structure of the inner magnetosphere of such "hot Jupiters".


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