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Vortices in Superfluidics
© Andreas Windisch, 2015
Vortices in Superfluidics

A spinning superfluid concentrates its energy in particular places called vortices. Superfluids exist in many places in nature, from neutron stars to liquid Helium. We are interested in superfluid quark matter, which might exist in the core of neutron stars. The picture shows the energy surface of a superfluid system. The large peak in the middle is the energy profile of a double vortex in the superfluid, around which the fluid is whirling at double speed. The two peaks on either side are single vortices. The double vortex in the middle is in the process of decaying into two single vortices, as such a configuration is energetically favored.

This project is in collaboration with Prof. Mark G. Alford and Satyanarayana Kumar Mallavarapu, This picture by Andreas Windisch ( won the first place in the Category "Physics" in the "Inaugural Research as Art Contest 2015" at Washington University in St. Louis,

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The 70th Annual Meeting of the Austrian Physical Society will take place from September 14 to 17, 2020, in Leoben, Styria. It is organized by a consortium led by Prof. Dr. Christian Teichert.

You can find all informations on the Annual Meeting on its website.

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