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Due to the rising cost of printing and distribution, the publication of the OePG's periodical <Physik|AT> had to be discontinued by the end of 2010. This page contains current scientific news and reports that previously would have been published in the periodical. After a certain period, currently one year, older contributions are moved to the Archive of the Scientific News and Contributions of the OePG, where they will remain for an unlimited time.

You can find more current scientific contributions and reports at the website of Europhysics News, which is freely accessible.

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Physics in Advent - University of Göttingen and partners offer education and fun for youngsters at Christmastime

PiA - Physics in Advent - Foto © PiA - Physics in Advent

Twenty-four more experiments until Christmas! This year, the University of Göttingen and its partners are offering entertaining physics experiments for the Advent season. The fun is open to everybody but those between the ages of 11 and 18 are also eligible to win prizes.

"PiA - Physics in Advent" is an Advent calendar of a special kind: a physics Advent calendar. Behind every little door there is education, fun and surprises. From 1 to 24 December 2018, there will be small physics experiments that can be carried out with standard household materials. Every day Father or Mother Christmas will demonstrate the experiments on-line. The participants will recreate the experiments at home or at school and answer one question on the PiA website. The following day, a video clip will appear online showing the solution; if the answer is correct, participants receive one point. At Christmas, all participants will receive individual certificates. Among the best participants, prizes will be awarded in the following categories: individual, school class and school. In addition to iPods, books and experimental kits, there will be a trip to Dallas to NBA (National Basketball Association) basketball games with Dirk Nowitzki, the well-known basketball player who is in the all-time top seven NBA career scoring leaders. Anyone who registers at can take part. Registration is free and kicks off on 1 November.

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Website "PiA - Physics in Advent"

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